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Cloud Connector

Seamless connection to the cloud is crucial in workplace digitalization. Cloud Connector is an MFD add-on that smoothly connects print and scan jobs to all kinds of prevalent cloud destinations worldwide. Its easy operation and incomparable security make it the best choice for building connections to the cloud, allowing users to save digital files online in a moment.


Direct Print and Scan

The Cloud Connector allows users to browse all cloud files on the interface of the printer, and then scan or print files from popular cloud destinations, such as Microsoft OneDrive, Teams, and SharePoint Online instantly.

cloudconnector-icon2 security

Industry-recognized Security

Our solution is hosted in Microsoft Azure data centers, using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption around the globe. By adopting one of the most secure storage centers in the world, all data is safeguarded in your organization.

cloudconnector-icon3 manpower

Reduced IT Manpower

Visitors can conduct printing simply by scanning the QR code on the interface and entering a job code. It also takes just a few steps to complete user registration. By allowing self-service, Cloud Connector largely reduces the IT workforce required.

cloudconnector-icon2 audit log

Everlasting Audit Logs

The print and scan records are listed in detailed logs which will never be deleted by default. Companies will not lose track of suspicious activities and can stay alert, preventing malicious acts from harming the office.

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