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Antelope Capture+ for imageRUNNER ADVANCE GEN 3+

Antelope Capture+ is an enhancing module of your multifunctional device, designed to smoothen and expedite document scanning and naming processes by an overwhelming data capture technology.

Automatic Data Capturing and Recognition

Scanning and manually renaming loads of standard documents such as invoice, purchase order, delivery note and other sorts of forms are undoubtedly one of the tedious daily operations faced.
With Antelope Capture+, business operation process can be further optimized. When standard documents are scanned and sent to designated location via multifunctional device, Antelope Capture+ will automatically start capturing and extracting valuable data from the documents. With OCR technology, data capturing can also be more accurate, minimizing potential manual input error.

Automatic Document Renaming

By employing DCIP service and utilizing its zonal OCR, 1D barcode or QR code recognition, scanned documents will be converted into PDF format and named according to the captured data. For instance, when an invoice is scanned and captured, its PDF file will be renamed automatically as defined sequence e.g. invoice number, date and billing number. Time spent on manual data input and file renaming can therefore be eliminated, allowing better resources allocation on business operation and further enhancement on working efficiency.

Integration with Other Solutions

In sequence of the PDF generated, a CSV file with desired and valuable data captured from the documents will also be generated. This CSV file can be imported to and used by other ERP system for further document management. Hence, maximizing on-hand resources and facilitating business operation and development.

Flow of Cloud-based version

Flow of On-premise version


Antelope Capture+ can be on-premise or cloud-based, depending on user’s requirement. For cloud-based version, since there is no need on server purchase, business operation expenditure can be saved. Its easy configuration and flexible yearly subscription plan also make it one of a kind in the market and one of the best data capture solutions for SME customers or departmental users in large corporations.

Template configuration interface

Barcode recognition configuration interface


Email destination configuration interface: user can set the destination email address for scanned documents

Item Capture+ Capture+


On premise
Admin Login 1x 1x
Import method Email Folder
Output method Email Folder
Index field 5x 5x
OCR (Full text) Yes Yes
Zonal OCR Yes Yes
Barcode Yes Yes
QR Code Yes Yes
Index file CSV CSV
File rename Yes Yes