IRISPowerscan™ - Canon HongKong


An optimization solution that can enhance performance and improve business results

IRISPowerscan™ captures the data from any incoming document and integrates it automatically to your business applications.

  • Scanning & Sorting
  • Indexing
  • Quality control and validation
  • Processing (OCR, Document Creation & Compression)
  • Export to any system
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High-speed Scanning

  • High volume Scanning, Classification & Indexing
  • Scan/Import from any scanner , MFP or watched folder (without user intervention) or even from the Cloud
  • Export of indexed and compressed files in any format to any destination (ex. to your applications, to folders, the Cloud, etc.)

Data Extraction and Document Indexing

IRISPowerscan™ offers powerful data extraction features: it can extract data from scanned documents through OCR (optical character recognition), BCR (barcode recognition), PCR (patch code recognition), ICR (intelligent character recognition) and OMR (optical mark recognition).

Index fields in IRISPowerscan™ can be mapped to the index fields you already use in your DMS, ECM or Cloud system. Consequently, IRISPowerscan™ can send fully indexed documents to those systems.

IRIS Fingerprint™

IRISPowerscan™ even features a powerful layout recognition technology known as IRISFingerprint™, developed to learn the appearance of your various documents and perform identification without the need for text, labels, barcodes or any other conventional method.

Form Processing Automation

IRISPowerscan™ allow you to automatically process form – both paper and electronic forms. Incoming forms to the company can be processed quickly and accurately to improve process turnaround and response times.

Integration and Export

IRISPowerscan™ includes IRIS’ extensive range of connection options allowing you to export captured content into your business critical workflow, such as your document folders, email, printers, third-party applications (Therefore™, Alfresco, Documentum, Sage, SharePoint, FileNet, WorkSite, OpenText, EBP, SAP, MS Dynamics, Oracle Financials, and more) or Cloud service (Box, Dropbox, GoogleDocs, Evernote and Therefore™ Online).

Simplify your Document Capture Process


User can simply taste the powerful scanning functions offer from IRISPowerscan. Time saving and user friendly features make it become a completely integrated document solution.

With its high compatibility, IRISPowerscan is not only limited to scanning, but also assists with advance document management.


A one-stop scanning solution

The most productive and comprehensive solution integrates advanced scanning, indexing and I.R.I.S.OCR engine. 

Advanced IRIS OCR Recognition Engine

Equipped with the most advanced IRIS OCR recognition, IRISPowerscan is able to carry out in depth page analysis, resulting in better zone segmentation. Apart from this, the engine also recognizes the color of the text and keeps it in the output file. 

Thumbnail preview

Users can simply use the thumbnail function (Up to 8 images) to check scanned image quality easily.

Flexible solution for document management

No page limitation, together with highly flexible indexing and scanned image quality enhancement function. 

High compatibility

User is optional to select to import scanned image or retrieve the document saved at personal computer. 

Widely support on documents

Simply using the Canon scanner, IRISPowerscan can convert scans into fully searchable files easily, in popular formats such as PDF, Word, XML, PDF/A, in up to 130 different languages.