Canon Hong Kong supports WWF-HK to protect Mai Po biodiversity by removing invasive species - Canon HongKong

17 Oct 2020

    Canon Hong Kong Supports WWF-HK to Protect Mai Po Biodiversity by Removing Invasive Species

    Cohering to the corporate philosophy “Kyosei”, Canon Hongkong Company Limited (Canon HK) proactively fulfills its diversity in corporate social responsibility, especially in the aspect of environmental protection. Since 2003, Canon HK has been the corporate partner with the World Wide Fund (HK) (WWF-HK). By joining forces together, we would like to use the enterprise power to increase public awareness of environmental protection and encourage our employees to practice green living behavior.

    One of the active ways is to let all staff get close to nature. On 17 October, a team of 24 Canon HK Corporate Volunteers was invited to support the removal of Mikania (the exotic vine known as “Plant Killer") in Mai Po Nature Reserve organized by WWF-HK, and learn about the importance of biodiversity and its impact on the ecosystem.

    On the service day, WWF-HK guider introduced the wetland ecosystem to volunteers, including Gei Wai, fishponds, reed bed and the animals and plants inhabiting them. However, such beautiful nature is covered under the invisible threat of “Plant Killer” which does not have any natural enemies in Hong Kong. So these Mikania can grow and climb up very quickly to other plants for better sunlight. The covered native plants will eventually be killed as the light for photosynthesis is blocked, resulting in the damage of the ecosystem in Mai Po. According to WWF-HK guider, the safest and harmless way to slow down the Mikania’s growth speed is manual removal of them on a regular time basis. The volunteer team is delighted to contribute to maintaining the reserve’s biodiversity and committed to practice green living in action.

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