Canon Hong Kong Supports “Non-visual photography” Workshop & Photo Exhbiition - Canon HongKong

14 Feb 2020

    Canon Hong Kong Supports “Non-visual photography” Workshop & Photo Exhibition

    To help visually impaired people to learn photography, Canon Hongkong Company Limited (Canon HK) supports the Arts with the Disabled Association HK (ADAHK) to host “non-visual photography workshops”. Non-visual photography means through the perception of light, sound, touch, various senses and aid of audio description, the blind or visually impaired people can enjoy the fun of photography and craft their own creative works.

    The workshop is conducted by professional photographer Mr. Oswald Cheung, teaching the photography basics in class and also bringing the classmates for two outdoor shooting activities in Stanley and Lau Fau Shan, together supported with the audio description on the scenery, the participants can imagine the objects to take the photo. ​​
    ​​​​​​​The workshop breaks the thought of “The blind can’t take photo”. Visually impaired participants regain their confidence and enjoy the fun of photography again through hearing, smelling and touching to capture photo without sights. Being able to have chance to share photos taking by themselves, participants are satisfied and filled with enjoy.
    ​​​​​​​Canon HK not only provided camera equipment for the workshop but also arranged volunteer to accompany the participants during the outdoor photo shooting activity. To allow the public to learn more about the “non-visual photography”, Canon HK took one step further to host the “non-visual photography exhibition”, from February until mid of June 2020, the works of seven workshop’s participants are showcased at Canon Customer Care Center. Each photo is facilitated with Cantonese audio description, Braille and tactile features that allow the public, no matter for the sighted and the visually impaired, to appreciate the arts and image together.