Canon Companies Jointly Support the Blood Donation Day To Save Lives - Canon HongKong

12 Mar 2021

    Canon Companies Jointly Support the Blood Donation Day To Save Lives

    Blood is an essential resource for both planned treatments or emergency surgeries. There is no substitute for blood, and the blood supplies rely entirely on voluntary non-remunerated blood donations. According to the Hong Kong Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service (BTS), a single blood donation can save three to four people’s lives. With that in mind, Canon Hongkong Co., Ltd. (Canon HK) has arranged Blood Donation Day and invited Canon Engineering Hong Kong Co., Ltd (CEHK) & Canon Electronic Business Machines (H.K.) Co., Ltd. (CEBM), to join and support on 12 March. A total of 34 packs of qualified blood have donated to the BTS.

    To ensure that participants are not affected by the epidemic, extra precautions have arranged, including wearing masks, checking temperature, cleaning hands with alcohol sanitizer and maintaining a safe distance between each bed for blood donation. There was also an increase in the cleaning frequency for all high touch areas inside the event’s room.

    The first Canon Blood Donation Day of 2021 has completed with 34 packs of qualified blood donated.

    To ensure blood transfusion to be therapeutically effective for patients, the quality and safety of blood products are of paramount importance. Through continuous surveillance of local & overseas infection outbreak and new measures of donor screening and infection control procedures, the BTS kept the risk of transfusion-transmitted infection to the minimum.

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