Working Environment - Canon HongKong

At Canon, we treat our employees fairly and help them develop their talents. Meanwhile, we do our best to ensure a good work-life balance for our employees as well as to create a safe and healthy workplace. As such, a number of initiatives have been undertaken. Our occupational health and safety initiatives include risk assessment, trainings and seminars, 6S, indoor air quality assurance, emergency response measures etc.

We also value the physical and mental health of employees, encourage employees to balance work and life. So we constantly arrange diversified activities for employees and their families to participate, which include:

  • Canon Staff Recreation Club
  • Employee Assistance Programme
  • Canon Corporate Volunteer Team

In addition, all of our service providers are responsible for ensuring their services in compliance with our safety and environmental requirements. Please contact us if you need any further information.

Risk Assessment
By conducting risk assessment for the whole operations, we evaluate the risk level based on probability of occurrence and consequences for each job hazard. Preventive and control measures to minimize risk of injury and ill health are implemented according to the assessment results. We also review the risk assessment regularly to address the dynamic nature of business.

Health and Safety Training and Seminars
Canon provides health and safety awareness trainings to every staff, such as manual handling. We aim at enhancing employees’ knowledge and awareness towards health and safety risks through these trainings.

To show our care towards employees’ habits and mental health, we arrange varieties of seminar or activity regularly related but not limited to healthy diet, mental well-being, physical health, cooking, etc.

6S* Practice
A good working environment not only allows employees to work comfortably, but also reduces work accidents and improve work efficiency. Canon promotes 6S culture through different activities. Our employees work as a team to put 6S into practice.

*6S represents six workplace organization method: Structurize, Systematize, Sanitize, Standardize, Self-discipline and Security.

Indoor Air Quality Assurance
To provide a healthy and comfortable indoor environment to our staff and customers, we have joined the voluntary Indoor Air Quality Certification Scheme for Offices and Public Places organized by the Environmental Protection Department of HKSAR.

Emergency Response Measures
Canon conducts different natures of emergency drills annually to test the appropriate emergency preparedness and response procedures, ensuring we can effectively communicate and handle emergency situation. We have qualified first aiders to assist when needed.