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Canon’s leading imaging technology has made the education programmes much more fun, we demonstrate our passion to “empower through imaging” by passing on our expertise in imaging.

Imaging For Fun

Canon Hong Kong brings our imaging expertise to the community by organizing “Imaging for Fun” workshop. Children can create interesting artworks through photo taking and printing. All digital cameras and printing equipment will be provided and no photography experience is needed. Charities are welcome to enroll.

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Festival Workshops with 3 social service centers of Yan Chai Hospital

Children enjoy taking photos outdoors for fun

Collaborative artwork under the theme of Japan Autumn Festival in Hong Kong - Rediscovering Nippon

Ink Cartridge Recycling Program

Environmental protection and waste reduction are crucial to the success of sustainability. As an environmentally conscious organization, Canon Hongkong Company Limited (Canon Hong Kong) envisions a green and sustainable future, advocating a greener way to operate our business. Since 2009, Canon Hong Kong has launched the “Ink Cartridge Recycling Program” and invited the famous cartoon character “McDull” as the program’s ambassador. Currently, Canon Hong Kong has placed over 280 recycling boxes for collecting empty ink cartridges.

Canon believes the young generation definitively plays a vital role in sustainable development. In 2011, Canon Hong Kong extended the Ink Cartridge Recycling Program to the education sector and organized the “Canon x McDull Inter-school Ink Cartridge Recycling Competition” to encourage active participation of primary and secondary schools. Since its launch, it has received overwhelming support from the education sector and over 180 local schools participating in this program. To enhance awareness among students, we would like to invite more local schools to join the 13th Canon x McDull Inter-school Ink Cartridge Recycling Competition, to compete for fabulous prizes.

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Canon x McDull Ink Cartridge Recycling Competition Award Presentation Ceremony 

To strengthen the environmental knowledge of students, Canon HK has been providing “Environmental Seminars" to schools. 

Students enjoyed the activities of Environmental Seminars.

The Creative Image Room Project

Canon Hong Kong and The Hong Kong Institute of Education (HKIEd) have collaborated over the past academic year on The Creative Image Room project, injecting the imaging technologies in conventional visual arts classes. Introducing imaging technologies such as photography and printing to conventional visual arts classes, Canon Hong Kong and HKIEd have arranged 10 creative image classes to 10 local primary and secondary schools during the academic year 2014/15. By means of creative image sessions such as “light painting” and “miniature wonderland”, 10 student teachers from HKIEd’s Department of Cultural and Creative Arts, Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Visual Arts) brought inspiration to participating students with visual arts knowledge and skills. HKIEd has conducted a survey with over 200 participating teachers and students. Over 80% of students believed the inclusion of creative imaging elements in visual arts curriculum enhances their knowledge in visual arts as well as interests to learn and their development of creative thinking. Over 80% of the visual arts teachers who participated in the project believed that imaging technologies help to boost students’ confidence in creative works.

Participated schools’ teachers and students joined the Creative Image Room project artwork exhibition and award presentation ceremony.

Students were using digital cameras and printers at visual arts lesson. 

“Wetland Encounter” programme withWorld Wide Fund For Nature Hong Kong

Starting from the academic year 2013/14, the Mai Po Secondary School “Wetland Encounter” programme has added value for a brand-new nature photography element. Guided by Education Officer of World Wide Fund For Nature Hong Kong, students could use digital cameras to take photos of different wetland scenes and wetland wildlife. Sharing and discussing these photos helps students understand how valuable wetlands are to both humans and the natural world. Best of all, the students’ masterpieces are printed out as souvenirs, allowing them to have a keepsake of their Mai Po memories. Supporting conversation in this way, by providing equipment and opportunities, Canon HKhas set an excellent example for society and the business world to follow.

Nature photography element in education programme.

Photo taken by student. 

CSR events with The Wai Yin Association

The Wai Yin Association (Wai Yin), formed by Miss Hong Kong Pageants, is closely cooperating with Canon HKfor CSR events, including "212 Walk for Love" and "Walk for Charity Plant for Fun…d". Since 2013, Canon HK supported in consecutive 4 years to the Wai Yin Association organised annual study aboard trip “Travel, Experience, Share project” by providing photography training to participating student from low-income family, in order to ensure they are well-prepared to the experience trip with basic photo taking skills.

"Canon x WaiYin 212 Walk for Love"

Photography Workshop for Study Aboard Trip "Travel, Experience, Share Project" to Netherland.