11 Oct 2018

    Supported Orbis “World Sight Day” Pin Campaign for
    14 Consecutive Years –
    Share the burden of the sight saving

    Canon Hongkong (CHK) continue its support to Orbis World Sight Day for 14 consecutive years in order to encourage its staff to share their love and do a truly action on human and material support for Orbis’s service, meanwhile to build public awareness of eye health issue.   

    Within 2-week fundraising period (From 23th August to 5th September), $16,610 is collected from 172 CHK staffs for donation. On 11th October, the World Sight Day, our staffs showed their event pin in response to CHK’s the 14th consecutive year fundraising charitable event. The donation is contributed to Orbis Hong Kong as well as Orbis Macau to support to different aspects including eye screening, public education, staff training and medical resources, in order to mount every Orbis sight saving mission.

    Over 320 companies and schools, together with the public joined the Orbis World Sight Day and raised over HK$5,200,000.  This year, Orbis has focused on promotion on common eye disease in Hong Kong, especially dry eye syndrome. The growing popularity of technologically advanced electronic gadgets has created several serious long-term visual health problems, Orbis work hard on building the public awareness of eye health and these issues through World Sight Day 2018.

    CHK employees are happy to respond to Orbis World Sight Day, wishing more preventable blind people could be treated, meanwhile to remind everyone needs to pay attention to eye health.