Canon Hong Kong Honored at the HKACE Customer Service Excellence Awards with Two Prestigious Awards for 2021 - Canon HongKong

23 Jun 2022

    Canon Hong Kong Honoured at the HKACE Customer Service Excellence Awards with Two Prestigious Awards for 2021

    To excel Canon service strategy with the motto “Delighting You Always”. Canon Hongkong Co., Ltd. (Canon Hong Kong) believes good habits and strong beliefs in all staff are the keys to delivering a sustainable heartwarming customer experience. Organized by the Hong Kong Association of Customer Service Excellence (HKACE), "Customer Service Excellence Award" program has been viewed as an important platform to promote and recognize excellent customer service. Canon Hong Kong is delighted to win 2 awards:

    • Silver title for the Program Award – Customer Care Award
    • Bronze title for Team Award – Internal Support Service

    Customer Care Award - Proactive Online & Remote Service for B2B and B2C customers
    With the sudden changes in living and working patterns, Canon Hong Kong analyzes the online habits, needs of different types of customers, and improves the online remote customer service system. Enhancing the digitalization of customer service systems, the system has been designated to cater to the needs of different users and create an all-round user experience. The online platform has simplified the process and provided more comprehensive content, so that customers can view the required information more quickly. Based on customers’ habits, different types of inquiries have been categorized, elevating the effectiveness of customer service resources allocation successfully. Not only have more inquiries been solved with a high satisfaction rate and the service turnaround time, but it also enhanced the overall working experience for our staff, creating a sustainable win-win situation.

    We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our customers for choosing Canon Hong Kong during the pandemic. Delivering innovative service with exceptional and excellent customer service, we anticipate customer needs and pre-solve problems to ensure machines always operate as usual. As a result, there is a notable continuous growth in the number of electronic platform account registrations and applications for the use of remote technical services, which shows that the service has received affirmation and remarkable positive feedback from customers.

    Internal Support Service Award - 360-degree Business Continuity Plan Committee
    Canon Hong Kong established Business Continuity Plan Committee to manage risk management measures during the pandemic and maintain business resilience. During the pandemic, new work models have changed the flexibility of communication and collaboration, with the potential to impact productivity and mental health of employees. With the consideration of the needs of various department, the Business Continuity Plan Committee has integrated and formulated solutions covering four aspects, including technical support, streamline operations with advance online platforms, internal training, and purposeful measures in response to COVID-19.

    The world is changing rapidly, sufficient technical support has been provided to cope with the sudden remote working arrangement, ensuring our employees work safely under the pandemic. During remote work, the hardware support cooperates with the systematic work process, promotes the communication and transparency of different departments, and facilitates the cooperation between departments.

    We believe comprehensive learning and development opportunities effectively promote the growth of employees and the company. In the times of the pandemic, we provide internal online training including soft skills, hard skills training, and digital skills, such as special training for upgrading MS Office 365, to help employees cope with new challenges arising from the new normal, maintaining employees' job satisfaction in the new normal. In addition, different ways of support have been actively provided for the physical and mental health of employees, reducing their stress and anxiety during the epidemic.

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