Canon Hong Kong Sponsored and Participated in the “Green Earth Night Walk 2024” - Canon HongKong

27 Jan 2024

    Canon Hong Kong Sponsored and Participated in the “Green Earth Night Walk 2024”

    Canon Hongkong Company Limited (Canon Hong Kong) proudly sponsored and supported the “Green Earth Night Walk 2024”, a remarkable fundraising event organized by The Green Earth (TGE). The event’s theme, “Forest. Mountain. Night Together”, offered participants a precious opportunity to escape the urban hustle and appreciate the beauty of nature.

    On 27 January, the “Green Earth Night Walk 2024” commenced from Tai Mo Shan Rotary Park to Tai Mo Shan Road Top Car Park, Tai Mo Shan Weather Rader Station, and finally returning to Rotary Park. Canon Hong Kong proudly assembled a dedicated team of nine passionate staff and their family members who completed the 9km walk within 4 hours. As a token of appreciation, each participant received a beautiful e-certificate and a special edition sling bag as rewards.

    As a low-carbon green event, the Night Walk strives to raise funds for TGE’s environmental initiatives and education programs while promoting the “zero-waste” lifestyle. The organizer thoughtfully incorporated various green activities and checkpoints throughout the Walk. The education team adhered to "leave-no-trace" mountain principles and promoted responsible outdoor practices. Participants could enjoy stargazing with multiple astronomical telescopes. Furthermore, light painting photography and immersive nature leaf-blowing experiences provided a multisensory experience. The Night Walk embraced the spirit of environmental conservation by serving tasty low-carbon vegetarian food, encouraging participants to bring their utensils and water bottles, advocating waste reduction at the source, and taking personal responsibility for their trash. Through this event, participants could deeply immerse themselves in conservation and raise awareness about the importance of cherishing the Earth and minimizing the environmental impact during leisure activities.

    Canon Hong Kong is honored to have participated in this meaningful event for six consecutive years, contributing to environment conservation efforts and supporting the TGE’s green initiatives. We remain committed to fostering a sustainable future for future generations together.

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