How to qualify for membership of the Canon Professional Services?

To become a CPS member, applicant must:

  • Be a full time professional photographer or videographer either employed by a professional imaging business or self-employed
  • Be a Hong Kong or Macau resident and work with the districts
    (We regret that we are currently unable to accept applications for CPS membership from non full time professionals or locations other than Hong Kong and Macau.)

There are three levels of CPS membership, namely CPS Silver, CPS Gold and CPS Platinum. Provided that you satisfy these criteria, you can choose among any eligible membership level.

CPS Membership Service Scheme

Membership Type CPS Silver CPS Gold CPS Platinum
Equipment Requirement[1] At least 1 x Canon Professional DSLR[2] and 2 L Lens; orAt least 1 x Canon Professional Digital Camcorder[3] At least 2 x Canon Professional DSLR[2] and 3 L Lens; orAt least 1 x Cinema EOS product and 3 L Lens; orAt least 2 x XF-series Professional Camcorder At least 1 x EOS-1D Series DSLR, 1 x Canon Professional DSLR[2] and 4 x L Lens; or At least 1 x Cinema EOS Product and 4 x L Lens
Term of membership 2 years 1 year 1 year
Annual Membership Fee Free of charge HKD$1,200/Year HKD$2,400/Year

Apply for CPS membership

After downloading the CPS application form from this page, please fill in and sign it. Bring or mail with the required documents to Canon Hong Kong, 5/F, Tower A, China Life Center, 18 Hung Luen Road, Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong (Please state on the envelope "Application for CPS membership); or email to

CPS Membership is subject to Canon CPS terms and condition as such terms and conditions may be varied by Canon without prior notice. The normal processing time for applications for CPS Membership is around one month from the date of Canon receives your application form.

Canon CPS terms and condition Application Form Download

Required supporting documents for CPS membership application:

  • Your Business Card with title
  • Photocopy of employment confirmation letter issued by your employer if you are employed
  • Photocopy of Business Registration Certificate if you run your own business
  • Club Canon "My Gear" record of Professional equipments (please submit a hard copy of the screen capture of "My Gears")
  • Proof of your mailing address
  • 1 passport sized photograph of yours

The above information collected will be used for CPS membership application purpose only.

[1] Equipment must be officially imported by Canon Hongkong Company Limited. Parallel import is not applicable.
[2] Canon Professional Digital SLR Camera includes EOS-1D series, EOS 5D series, EOS 6D and EOS 7D series; Film SLR Camera includes EOS-1 series and EOS 3.
[3] Canon Professional Digital Camcorder includes Cinema EOS-series, XF-series, XL-Series, XH-series and XA-series.