Google Cloud Print Service Not Available - Canon HongKong

30 Jul 2015

    Google Cloud Print Service Not Available

    Thank you for using Canon products.

    We have identified a phenomenon in which Canon inkjet printers supporting Google Cloud Print™ cannot be registered or cannot print in Google Cloud Print. It is due to the change of the Google server’s authentication method, and the phenomenon has been seen since the middle of June.

    Canon will handle the matter as follows:

    Affected Models:
    - MG6300 series, MX520 series, MX720 series, MX920 series:
    The printer firmware needs to be upgraded.
    We will make the upgraded firmware available to you.

    MG6300series: 31 July 2015
    MX520 series, MX720 series, MX920 series: 30 July 2015

    - MG4200 series, MG5400 series, MG6200 series, MG8200 series, MX890series:
    Due to the capabilities of these printers, we are unable to provide any firmware upgrade to support the use of Google Cloud PrintTM to print without PC, thus no special measures are planned. However, you will still be able to use Google Cloud Print by connecting the printer to the internet using a PC.

    For details, visit Google Cloud Print home page, then go to "Cloud Ready Printers," "Add a Classic printer," and "Connect your classic printer."

    Contact Information for Inquiries

    For any inquiries regarding this matter, please contact our customer service hotline.