Reverting the Camera to the Default Settings (EOS 6D Mark II)



      The camera’s shooting function settings and menu settings can be reverted to their defaults.

      1. Set the camera's power switch to <ON>.

      2. Press the <MENU> button to display the menu screen.

      3. Press the < > button, then select the [ ] tab.

      4. Under the [ ] tab, select [Clear all camera settings], then press < >.

      5. Select [OK].

      The camera settings will be reset to the default settings shown below.
      Shooting Function Settings
      AF operationOne-Shot AFInterval timerDisable
      AF area selection modeAutomatic selection AFBulb timerDisable
      Lens electronic MFDisable after One-Shot AFAnti-flicker shootingDisable
      Metering mode (Evaluative metering)Mirror lockupDisable
      ISO speed settingsViewfinder display
       ISO speedAuto Electronic levelHide
       ISO speed rangeMinimum: 100
      Maximum: 40000
       Grid displayHide
       Auto rangeMinimum: 100
      Maximum: 12800
       Show/hide in viewfinderOnly flicker detection selected
       Minimum shutter speed for autoAutoCustom FunctionsUnchanged
      Drive mode (Single shooting)External Speedlite control
      Exposure compensation/AEBCanceled Flash firingEnable
      Flash exposure compensationCanceled E-TTL II flash meteringEvaluative flash metering
      Multiple exposureDisable Flash sync. speed in Av modeAuto
      HDR modeDisable HDR

      Image Recording Settings
      Image qualityCustom White BalanceCanceled
      Aspect ratio3:2White balance shiftCanceled
      Picture StyleAutoWB-BKTCanceled
      Auto Lighting OptimizerStandardColor spacesRGB
      Lens aberration correctionLong Exposure Noise ReductionDisable
       Peripheral illumination correctionEnableHigh ISO speed noise reductionStandard
       Chromatic aberration correctionEnableHighlight tone priorityDisable
       Distortion correctionDisableFile numberingContinuous
       Diffraction correctionEnableDust Delete DataErased
      White balance (Ambience priority)

      Camera Settings
      Image review time2 sec.LanguageUnchanged
      Release shutter without cardEnableGPSDisable
      Image jump w/(10 images)Video systemUnchanged
      Highlight alertDisableShooting mode guideEnable
      AF point displayDisableFeature guideEnable
      Playback gridOffHelp text sizeSmall
      Histogram displayBrightnessTouch controlStandard
      Magnification (Approx.)2x (magnify from center)BeepEnable
      Control over HDMIDisableAuto cleaningEnable
      Vertical image auto rotationOn button display optionsSelect both
      Wireless communication settings button LV display optionsUnchanged
       Wi-FiDisableMulti function lock (Quick Control Dial)
       Bluetooth functionDisableCustom shooting modeUnchanged
      Auto power off1 min.Copyright informationUnchanged
      LCD brightnessConfigure: MY MENUUnchanged
      LCD off/on btnRemains on Menu displayNormal display

      Live View Shooting Settings
      Live View shootingEnableMetering timer8 sec.
      AF operationOne-Shot AFGrid displayHide
      AF method+TrackingExposure simulationEnable
      Touch ShutterDisableSilent LV shootingMode 1
      Movie Shooting Settings
      Movie recording sizeNTSC:
      Movie Servo AFEnable
      Sound recordingAutoAF method+Tracking
       Wind filterAutoMovie Servo AF track sensitivity0
       AttenuatorDisableMovie Servo AF Speed
      ISO speed settings When activeAlways on
       ISO speedAuto AF speed0 (Standard)
       ISO speed rangeMinimum: 100
      Maximum: 25600
      Metering timer8 sec.
       ISO AutoMaximum 25600Grid displayHide
       ISO AutoMaximum 12800 button function/-

      Video snapshotDisable

      Time-lapse movieDisable

      Movie digital ISDisable

      Remote control shootingDisable

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