Shooting subjects up close (PowerShot SX60 HS)



      If you are shooting a subject at close range, and if the subject cannot be easily focused within the normal shooting range, switching from the normal mode to the [Macro] () mode will make it easier to focus on the subject.
      • In the following example procedure, the camera's shooting mode has been set to [Program AE] ().
      • If the flash fires, vignetting may occur.
      • Be careful to avoid damaging the lens.

      For information on the shooting distance of each [Focusing Range] and the shooting modes in which [Focusing Range] settings cannot be made, please refer to the table at the end of the page.

      1. Press the <Power> button to turn the camera on.

      2. Press the <> () button.

      3. Press the <><> buttons to choose [Macro] (), and then press the <FUNC./SET> () button.

      Once the setting is complete, the [Macro] () icon is displayed on the LCD Monitor.

      • Try attaching the camera to a tripod and shooting in [Self-Timer] to prevent the camera from moving and blurring the image.
      • Zoom Lever operations when the camera is set to [Macro] () mode.
      In the yellow bar display area below the zoom bar, [ ] will turn gray and the camera will not focus.

      The shooting distance for each [Focusing Range] is as shown in the following table (from the end of the lens). If you shoot beyond the following ranges, the subject may be out of focus.
      Also, the [Focusing Range] cannot be set in some shooting modes. Please see the following table for details.

      Model Shooting distance Shooting modes in which [Focusing Range] cannot be set
      [ Manual focus]
      PowerShot SX60 HS 5 cm (2.0 in.) - infinity (W)*
      1.8 m (5.9 ft.) - infinity (T)**
      0 - 50 cm (0.0 in. - 1.6 ft.) (W) 0 cm (0.0 in.) - infinity (W)*
      1.8 m (5.9 ft.) - infinity (T)**
      , , , , , , ,

      * (W): When turning the zoom lever toward () to the maximum wide angle side (Max. wide angle).
      ** (T): When turning the loom lever toward () to the maximum telephoto side (Max. telephoto).

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