Social Welfare - Canon HongKong

To express its care to the society, Canon Hong Kong has been organizing various corporate activities and engaging with different charity organizations to help the needy.

Canon PhotoMarathon

Since 2009, Canon PhotoMarathon (CPM) Hong Kong is a competition in which contestants compete to create their photographic masterpieces in line with the assigned themes under time pressure. It is an exhilarating annual event for all photography enthusiasts and the number of contestants has been increasing from 300 in the first year to almost 3,000 in 2018. Achieving the goal of Imaging CSR, enrollment fees were donated to beneficiaries including Medecins Sans Frontieres (2009), Friends of the Earth (2010), WWF (2011), S.K.H. St. Christopher's Home (2012), Heep Hong Society (2013), St. James’ Settlement (2014-2016), The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (2017) and Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong (2018). Since 2010, the event has been recognized as carbon-neutral after "measure, reduce and offset" to carbon footprints.

Fund Raising Activities

Since 1999, Canon Hong Kong has been supporting numerous charity activities organized by the Hong Kong Community Chest to help the disadvantaged community, such as ‘Love Teeth Day’ and ‘Skip Lunch Day’. We also supporting the “Orbis World Sight Day” for 18 consecutive years, to help people with eye diseases to regain their sight by providing eye checking, public education, and medical training. To support the patients and operation of Thalassaemia Resources Center, Canon HK has joined “Dress Red for Thalassaemia” organized by Children’s Thalassaemia Foundation for5 consecutive years already.

Dress Red for Thalassaemia

Love Teeth Day

ORBIS "World Sight Day"