Conservation of the Environment - Canon HongKong

Canon has been taking solid actions to conserve the environment for a greener and better planet. With all parties living harmoniously, the "Kyosei" Corporate Philosophy is greatly realized.

Corporate Participation for Green

Canon HK has been taking solid actions to conserve the environment for a greener and better planet. Our employees actively participated in the environmental protection activities, such as "Green Power Hike" and "Walk for the Green Earth”, in order to enhancing the environmental awareness while enjoying the scenery of our beautiful nature.

Canon HK corporate teams participated in the night walk organized by The Green Earth, to spread the message of environmental conservation.

The walkathon has received overwhelming support from over 800 participants and successfully raised approximately HK$600,000 in total, for supporting The Green Earth’s campaigns and education programs.

In addition, we have partnered with The Green Earth since 2017 to organize annual beach cleaning volunteer service. Every year, nearly 100 volunteers and their relatives or friends visited rubbish blackspots for the meaningful activity, included Tung Lung Island, Junk Bay at Cape D’Aguilar and Tsin Yue Wan in Tai O.Through the cleanup service, volunteers accomplished with around 100 bags of garbage collection to restore the beauty of shorelines as well as learning environmental issue in recent years, including the camping boom caused problems in the suburbs, sea-floating garbage, foam plastic and plastic bottles which caused damage to the coastal environment and even broke up the ocean food chain.

Canon HK staff with their family members and friends joined the “Green WALK Hong Kong” organized by the World Green Organisation (WGO). The activity aims to encourage everyone in combating climate change by walking just a little more to replace short distance vehicles in order to reduce carbon emissions while maintain a healthier physical and mental lifestyle.

Canon HK has been encouraging staff to endeavor their effort to save the Earth and contribute to environmental conversation actions.

Canon HK corporate team encourages public to take short-distance vehicles to reduce dioxide emissions.

Support Reuse and Recycle

Canon HK has been supporting the Red Packet Recycling Program of Greeners Action for the 10th consecutive year. In addition, Canon HK also supported food donation programs organized by People's Food Bank of St. James' Settlement and People Service Centre by placing additional recycle boxes to collect food packs for singleton elderly, low income family and ripped room kids.

Red Packet Recycling Program of Greeners Action 

Collected food will be served as emergency assistance services for those low-income people. 

Promote Green Product Lifecycle

To share green technologies and relevant innovative solutions, Canon HK, as the only manufacturer of imaging products, had joined the "Eco Expo Asia" from 2010 – 2012 together with hundreds of leading exhibitors for green products and technologies. Through the illustration of green product lifecycle (produce, use and recycle) and showcasing advanced office solutions, Canon HK demonstrated endeavors In line with the main theme of "Green Tech for a Low-carbon Economy" in 2012.

The Canon booth at the "Eco Expo Asia"