Canon Culture - Canon HongKong

Canon Culture

Being one of the leading market players in the imaging, office and industrial product categories, we foster a fair and collaborative working environment where we all work together for a better future.

To put our company’s mission of "Delighting You Always" into practice, Canon is committed to go the extra mile to delight customers in every possible way.

This drives our employees to surpass our current level of service, and reminds us that customers will be delighted only through continuous provision of innovative and extraordinary services. The efforts of our employees over the past decades have made us a company that is loved and respected by the community.

Canon adheres to a set of universal guiding principles "San-ji (Three Selfs) Spirit". These three basic attitudes serve as the foundation of our corporate culture and guide our employees in making sound judgment and behavior.

Ji-hatsu (Self-Motivation): Take the initiative and be proactive in everything you do
Ji-chi (Self-Management): Conduct yourself responsibly and be accountable for all of your actions
Ji-kaku (Self-Awareness): Understand the situation you find yourself in and your role in that situation

"Back to Basics" - one of the policies we are currently practicing to boost morale and team spirit.

Zero Dishonesty is at the heart of Canon’s corporate social responsibility and internal control.

To establish a fair and honest workplace, Canon Hongkong demands every employee to behave honestly and morally, and to abide by both external and internal regulations. We believe that integrity builds a foundation of trust among all parties and is crucial to sustainable growth and development.