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24 Jun 2021

    Canon Hong Kong Corporate Volunteer Team Attained the Bronze Award for Volunteer Service (Organization)

    Established in 2015, Canon Hongkong Company Limited (Canon HK) Corporate Volunteer Team is long cohering to corporate philosophy “Kyosei” to dedicate effort in corporate social responsibility. Due to the epidemic in 2020, the scale of volunteer services was inevitably affected to a certain extent. However, Canon HK Corporate Volunteer Team has always been enthusiastic and passionate about contributing to the local community. 32 corporate volunteers have served in 6 service programmes, contributed a total of 320 service hours. These voluntary contribution is rewarded the Bronze Award for Volunteer Service (Organization) 2020 issued by the Volunteer Movement of Social Welfare Department.

    Unfortunately, many face-to-face activities were suspened last year. Therefore, the volunteer team cooperated with St. James' Settlement to join "Phone Caring Service for the Singleton Elderly" for the first time. The team aims to bring the love and care to the elderly before the Mid-Autumn Festival. When the epidemic subsided, the team participated two outdoor service. Organized by The Green Earth, the team has cleaned 20 kg of garbage in Shing Mun Reservoir Country Park in the "Hiking Trail Clean-up". The team also assisted to maintain the biodiversity in the wetland reserve in “Remove Invasive Species at Mai Po”, which was organized by WWF Hong Kong.

    Aligned with the all-rounded Canon CSR mission “Imaging For Good” and making good use of company’s imaging expertise, the team held “Imaging For Fun” workshop for the children from Caritas, Hong Kong Christian Service Kwun Tong Teens Club and Against Child Abuse. Though a series of interesting and interactive photo shoot & print activities, children can unleash their creativity and imagination to enjoy the fun of photography. Apart from benefiting the children, the volunteer team members also supported the visually impaired to participate in the "Non-Visual Photography Workshop" to enjoy the fun of photography through non-visual senses after received the audio description training from Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong.

    Last but not the least, our team has long co-operated with People Service Centre, giving regular service on “Surplus Market Food Collection”. This is the 5th consecutive years Canon HK supported on every Friday in a small team of 2-3 volunteers to help collecting the surplus food from wet market and re-distributed to the needy in Kowloon City district. As of 2020 annual summary, our team rescued a total of 1,069 kg leftovers, saved in dairy average of 153 kg surplus food which included fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and fresh seafood, to be sent to landfill.

    Canon HK Corporate Volunteer Team attained the Bronze Award for Volunteer Service (Organization) from Volunteer Movement of Social Welfare Department to appreciate the continuous support to volunteer services under pandemic situation in Year 2020.

    September 2020
    Service: Mid Autumn Festival Caring - Phone call to Singleton Elderly
    ​​​​​​​Organizer: St. James’ Settlement

    October 2020
    Service: Remove Invasive Species in Mai Po
    ​​​​​​​Organizer: World Wide Fund (HK)

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