Speedlite Transmitter ST-E3-RT

Acquire more freedom for off-camera flash placements with Speedlite Transmitter ST-E3-RT through the use of radio transmission. Wirelessly control up to a total of 15 Speedlites without worrying about the transmitter and receiver being in line-of-sight. Capable of adjusting individual group settings for up to 5 groups allow more precise lighting control.

*compatible only with Speedlite models with RT function.

  • Wireless control of up To 5 groups and up to total of 15 Speedlites
  • Dot-matrix LCD display & wheel-type dial
  • Linked shot function for triggering up to 16 compatible cameras simultaneously

Creativity Unbounded

Create dreamlike images with wireless Speedlite control

Showcase Delectable Shots

Light food up from different angles with wireless Speedlite control to make the food look its best. 

Freeze Water Splashes

Multiple wireless Speedlite setup for the optimum output for freezing those splashes. 

Wonders of Multiple Speedlites

Multiple Groups 
Control up to 15 compatible Speedlites with up to 5 groups for different settings.

*These flash mode settings indicated are only as example

Linked Shot

Capable of wirelessly triggering up to 16 compatible cameras simultaneously for multiple angles of the same subject at the exact same time.


*able to be used as a Transmitter/Receiver unit.

Existing ST-E3-RT users can enjoy the same enhancement available in ST-E3-RT(Ver.2) with firmware update. Firmware update is available at local Canon service centres from May 2021. Kindly contact your local Canon service centres for more details.