ScanFront 400

This high-performance standalone network scanner that delivers - no PC is required

Designed to take the central role in decentralized scanning, ScanFront 400 offers high speed coupled with reliable feeding mechanism to boost efficiency.

  • PC-less Network Document scanner
  • Supports Passport scanning
  • Speed: up to 45 ppm, 2-sided


Compact Standalone Network Scanner

ScanFront 400 is able to work independently. No PC is required for scanning. Tailored to satisfy the high demands of financial institutions, government, healthcare, legal, etc.

Administrator tool

The Administration Tool provides easy management with single operation for all ScanFront devices on the network – up to 1,000 scanners can be managed simultaneously.

Large Screen Touch Panel

Equipped with a 10.1 inch touch panel display, ScanFront 400  provides easy readability and navigation.

Users can preset settings for routine scanning using JOB Button.