Canon Officially launches RF35mm F1.4 L VCM - Ultra-Fast f/1.4 Wide Angle RF Lens designed for Hybrid Shooting - Canon HongKong

    Canon Officially launches RF35mm F1.4 L VCM 
    ​​​​​​​Ultra-Fast f/1.4 Wide Angle RF Lens designed for Hybrid Shooting

    RF35mm F1.4 L VCM 

    HONGKONG, 28th June 2024 — Canon officially launches the new compact ultra-fast f/1.4 wide angle RF lens designed for Hybrid Shooting, RF35mm F1.4 L VCM. This compact lens features a high mobility design with a length of 99.3mm and a weight of 555g. It offers stunning visuals, ease of use, dependability, and high performance for both video and still production— to meet the needs of professional production and serve as a differentiating factor for content creation.

    Superior Image Quality
    The 35mm focal length of RF35mm F1.4 L VCM is close to the natural human angle of vision, which is suitable for a wide range of photography. RF35mm F1.4 L VCM ‘s f/1.4 maximum aperture gives a rich bokeh effect. It also enables a faster shutter speed or lower ISO for low-light conditions. In addition, its 11-blade circular aperture creates a cinematic out-of-focus effect. Capture sharp, detailed images from edge to edge, even when taking close-up shots at 0.18x magnification and a minimum focusing distance of just 0.28m. The lens employs 2 Glass-Molded (GMo) Aspherical lenses to suppress spherical aberration and distortion and achieve high-level image quality throughout the entire screen[1]. 2 UD lenses are placed effectively to correct chromatic aberration. ASC (Air Sphere Coating) on 2 lens surfaces are also incorporated to suppress ghosting and reduces lens flare from the images. The lens achieves extraordinary image quality with high resolution even in low-light situations, perfect for street photography.

    Exceptional Focus Control with VCM
    RF35mm F1.4 L VCM is the first use of high-thrust VCM (Voice Coil Motor)[2] as the drive for the focusing lens group in combination with a Nano USM as the drive for the floating lens to achieve “Electronic floating focus control”, achieving quiet, smooth and precise auto-focus for both photos and video, and ensures high image quality from close-ups to infinity. The “Electronic floating Focus Control” also thoroughly suppresses focus breathing in all focus positions optically, Focus Breathing Correction[3] is also supported to further reduce focus breathing during movie shooting.

    Intuitively Designed
    The RF35mm F1.4 L VCM achieves a remarkable lightweight and high mobility design with a length of 99.3mm and a weight of 555g. It also features an iris ring[4] for manual aperture control during video shooting, which supports 1/32-stop aperture adjustment during movie shooting[5]. The iris ring enables smooth aperture control without any clicks, this making RF35mm F1.4 L VCM more comfortable to use even during location shootings. RF35mm F1.4 L VCM features high level of durability and shock resistance with dust-and-water-resistant[6], along with a fluorine coating on foremost lens surface to reduce the attachment of dust, oil, and water droplets.

    Apart from accepting 67mm screw-in filter, this new lens comes with a rear filter holder that can be used to attach a gelatin filter behind the lens. In addition to the RF lens control ring to adjust assigned settings such as ISO speed, shutter speed or aperture value directly from the lens, RF35mm F1.4 L VCM also incorporates one customizable Lens Function button located on the left side of the lens barrel. RF35mm F1.4 L VCM is highly customizable according to the user’s needs and style, further enhancing its appeal to professional photographers and videographers.

    Other Features:

    • Supports Electronic Full Time Manual Focus[7] during One-Shot or Servo AF
    • New petal-type Lens Hood EW-73F and Lens Case LP1219 are included

    Suggested Retail Price
    The suggested retail price of the new RF35mm F1.4 L VCM is HK$12,680. We are currently receiving orders exceeding our expectation, we expect delivery will be made in September 2024 or later. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    The accessories for RF35mm F1.4 L VCM and their suggested retail prices are as follows:

    Model Suggested Retail Price
    67mm Protect Filter HK$380
    67mm Circular Polarizing Filter PL-C B HK$1,250
    Lens Hood EW-73F HK$530
    Lens Cap E-67II HK$60
    Lens Dust Cap RF HK$80
    Lens Case LP1219 HK$190

    [1] Multiple exposure shooting is not supported on EOS R5/R6/R/Ra/RP, it is also not possible to shoot multiple exposures with another lens using images shot with this lens. The lens distortion correction on the camera is set to [Enable] automatically when in use.
    [2] This lens emits weak magnetism, if users with implanted cardiac pacemakers or other medical device experience any abnormalities, stop using the product immediately and consult a doctor.
    [3] Available on EOS R6 Mark II / EOS R8 / EOS R50. As of 6th June 2024.
    [4] The iris ring cannot be used to set the aperture value when shooting still images. During movie shooting, when using the iris ring operation, focusing on a subject by autofocus may be difficult.
    [5] Depends on camera setting, aperture value is displayed in 1/2-stop or 1/3-stop. The aperture value displayed on the camera may differ from the actual aperture value.
    [6] With Dust-and-water-resistant EOS R series camera; however, it is not recommended for use under rain.
    [7] For EOS R camera supporting electronic full-time manual focus. Please refer to camera’s instruction manual for details.