Multi-Function Shoe Directional Stereo Microphone DM-E1D

The DM-E1D is the first full digital microphone released for EOS Digital cameras. Digital signals are less susceptible to external noise, resulting in better sound quality compared to analog microphones. Utilising the new Multi-Function Shoe, the DM-E1D draws power directly from the camera and is able to transmit audio data to the camera. This results in a battery-less and cable-less design.

  • Full digital microphone
  • 3 directional modes: shotgun, 90°, and 120°
  • Battery-less and cable-less design

3 Types of Directional Setting

This microphone is equipped with three types of directivity for optimum recording according to the usage situation. Directivity can be switched via the menu screen on the camera.


Especially useful when recording an interview or recording a specific item.

90 degrees

Records in a larger angle than shotgun to include more ambience sound around the subject.

120 degrees

Great for recording surrounding ambience sound in a large hall or during a performance.

Battery- & Cable-Free

Powered by the Multi-Function Shoe, there is no need to worry if the microphone runs out of power during a shoot. Without any external cable, there is no risk of accidental detachment during use.

Setup via In-Camera Display Menu

A touch of the Menu button located at the back of the DM-E1D will display the microphone settings immediately on the camera's LCD monitor. Pressing the Menu button again will toggle back to the camera's menu settings.

With microphone settings done directly on the camera display, this allows for reduction in the size of the microphone, and also removes the risk of accidental switching of settings when loading and unloading equipment.