Canon Hong Kong continues its support to Green Power Hike for the 11th consecutive year - Canon HongKong

03 Feb 2018

    Canon Hong Kong continues its support to Green Power Hike for the 11th consecutive year

    Green Power Hike is a large-scale annual charitable hiking event which takes place on Hong Kong Trail. The Hike was successfully held on 3rd February attracting over 3,000 participants despite the low temperature in the city. Canon Hong Kong (Canon HK) continued its support for the 11th consecutive year by sending 3 teams of Canon HK staff in the 10km and 25km competition in the category of Corporation / Organization Cup. With the ecology information provided by Green Power, participants can enjoy the hike more by learning and appreciating Hong Kong’s natural beauty.

    However, it is unavoidably that lots of rubbish could be created during the event, so that the Green Power integrated many environmental elements throughout the event in order to minimize unnecessary wastages. For example,

    • No bottled drinks nor paper cups were provided for water refill.
    • Food waste collection bins & different materials recycling bins were placed at all checkpoints & end points.
    • Participants were encouraged to take part in “Eco Clean Up ACTION” to educate & practice the habit of “Leave No Trace, Take Your Litter Home”.
    • Mesh bags or reusable bags were given at the start points and checkpoints for participants to collect their own litters as well as pick up litters during the Hong Kong trial walk.

    All the above effectively help to reduce the overall rubbish volume after the event & help to preserve our nature in a larger extend.

    Founded in 1988, Green Power is a charitable institution which shows concern for local environmental issue, with environmental education as their first priority. Green Power believes education is the ultimate means to transform people's thoughts and behaviors.

    In past 25 years, there were over 63,000 participants joined this Hong Kong Trail hike and raised approximately HK$89 million supporting the Environmental Education Programmes of Green Power.

    “Canon – Happy Minions” joined 25km category and finished the hike in 6 hours 21 minutes.
    “Canon – Breath of the Wild” & “Canon – 偽行者” joined 10km category and enjoyed the walk along Hong Kong Trail.