EOS R3 (Body)

Born to Rule

Made for the best professionals in the field, the highly anticipated EOS R3 comes with a robust ergonomic design for professional handling, plus new and improved autofocus features powered by deep learning technology, moviemaking features for high quality videos and lean production workflows, and advanced communication features for high-speed image transfers.

  • Up to 30 fps continuous shooting with AF/AE tracking
  • Eye Control AF + New Vehicle Priority AF
  • 6K RAW recording + 4K movie with 6K oversampling

The pride of the full-frame mirrorless series, the Canon EOS R3 is expertly designed for advanced amateurs and pros. It features new, state-of-the-art imaging technologies to give you top-tier performance in speed, sensitivity, and reliability for a fast-paced environment.

Discover the wonders that the EOS R3 can do for you.

Superior Image Quality

Capture your world with all the crisp details. The EOS R3 is equipped with a new approximately 24.1-megapixel back-illuminated stacked CMOS sensor combined with DIGIC X image processor for the first time, allowing for high-speed readout and high image quality with low noise.

Powerful In-Body Image Stabilisation

Equipped with 5-axis in-body image stabilisation (IS), the EOS R3 suppresses blurriness caused by camera shake, increasing the possibilities for handheld shooting, low-light shooting, and long exposure shooting. 

When combined with the optical image stabilizer of compatible RF lenses, up to 8 stops of image stabilisation can be achieved via Coordinated Control IS.

High ISO Sensitivity

With a wide normal ISO speed range of 100 to 102,400 (expandable to L: 50 and H: 204,800), the EOS R3 is capable of clean low-noise images even in low-light situations.


Capture realistic still images close to the visual perception of a human eye. Images rendered in 10-bit HDR PQ have a higher dynamic range with beautiful precise gradations especially in highlights areas.   

Achieve greater gradation control in your photos by using HDR PQ in combination with Auto Lighting Optimizer and Highlight Tone Priority.


HDR Composite Shooting

When dealing with high-contrast scenes, HDR Mode allows you to capture a 3-shot HDR composite in as fast as 0.02 seconds with exposure compensation in JPEG or HEIF format.

Besides offering richer gradations than conventional 1-shot HDR shooting, this high-speed capture helps to reduce movement between frames, making HDR handheld shooting possible.

High Speed, High Precision

Capture explosive action in a blink of an eye.

The EOS R3 is supercharged with new and upgraded autofocusing technology engineered to take high-speed action photography to new heights. With smarter subject detection and more precise autofocusing, photographers can leave focusing and tracking to the camera, and concentrate on composition and clicking the shutter at the opportune moment.


Up to 30 FPS High-Speed Continuous Shooting

Perform high-speed continuous shooting at up to 30 fps with the electronic shutter (or up to 12 fps with mechanical shutter).

With up to 60 fps calculation and tracking during continuous shooting with the electronic shutter, tracking accuracy is significantly enhanced. This is especially useful for fast-moving subjects that change direction and speed suddenly.

High-speed readout of the sensor allows for uninterrupted blackout-free continuous shooting using the electronic shutter, so you do not lose sight of your subject during fast-paced action sequences. Rolling shutter distortion is also significantly reduced.


Flash Photography for Continuous Shooting Supported

For the first time ever in the EOS line-up, the EOS R3 supports flash photography with metering and tracking in all shutter modes including electronic shutter. This means that flash photography is also possible with blackout-free continuous shooting.

Corner-to-Corner AF coverage

Powered by Dual Pixel CMOS AF II, the EOS R3 offers extensive autofocus coverage at up to 100% x 100% * of the entire image area and high-density AF with up to 1,053 frame zones, making precise focusing and tracking of subjects possible even when they move to the edge of the frame.

*AF area coverage is dependent on the lens used


Eye Control AF

Change your point of focus easily and quickly by moving your eye!

The EOS R3 is the first EOS Digital camera to feature Eye Control AF, which allows for quick switching of autofocus by using eye movement when looking through the viewfinder.


Accurate Low-Light AF

Don’t lose sight of your subject even in the dark. 

With a low luminance AF limit of up to EV-7.5, the EOS R3 is able to perform stable Servo AF under challenging lighting conditions, such as a dark moonless night.

Intelligent Tracking and Recognition

A camera that sees and understands your world. With a new, evolved EOS iTR (Intelligent Tracking & Recognition) AF X using deep learning technology, subject detection of the EOS R3 is faster and smarter than ever.

New Vehicle Priority AF

This revolutionary new breakthrough in AF technology now allows for detection and recognition of fast-moving automobiles and motorcycles in motorsports. The EOS R3 is capable of overall detection of the vehicle and also more specific focus of the driver’s helmet using spot detection.

Enhanced Eye Detection AF Performance

Subject detection precision has also been enhanced for humans.

Eye Detection AF is possible even when the subject’s face is obscured by shadow, hair, make-up or a face mask.  Head detection is also possible for athletes wearing goggles or face masks during winter sports.

Animal Detection AF

First introduced in the EOS R5, Animal Detection AF is also available on the EOS R3, allowing for detection and tracking of the body, face or eye of dogs, cats and birds.

Seamless Moviemaking Magic

Lights, camera, ready for action.

The EOS R3 offers high video image quality up to 6K and excellent focus control within one camera -- perfect for independent filmmakers and small production crew. Plus, you get convenient integration with Canon’s professional Cinema EOS system for a seamless post-production workflow.

6K 60p RAW

Record in-camera 6K 60p RAW video footage for greater versatility in post-production. The rich 12-bit image data produces richer colours while the high pixel count (6000 x 3164) offers flexibility in cropping and angle correction.

Development is possible with Digital Photo Professional or Cinema RAW Development. A lower bitrate RAW (Light) file format is also available for a smaller file size to reduce file transfer time.

4K High Frame Rate Video

Capture action in slow motion in uncropped 4K UHD/DCI or Full HD using high frame rate (120 fps/100 fps).

Movie Servo AF and subject tracking is available for 4K high frame rate videos and all other video modes.

4K 60p with 6K Oversampling

The EOS R3 records uncropped 4K UHD/DCI movies processed from rich 6K RGB data for higher image quality with less moiré and minimal colour distortion and noise.

HDR PQ Movies

Record 4:2:2 10-bit HDR PQ movies with higher brightness, wider tonal range and wider colour gamut for playback on HDR-compatible screens.

As minimal colour grading is necessary, time is saved on post-processing, making this especially useful for demanding environments such as news reporting.

Coordinated Control IS and Movie Digital IS

In-Body IS in the EOS R3 helps to minimise camera movement shake by up to 5.5 stops during video recording. When paired with a compatible lens equipped with optical IS, the image stabilisation effect is increased to up to 8 stops.

Movie Digital IS also works in conjunction with Coordinated Control IS to give you added stability in your video footages.

Canon Log 3

The EOS R3 supports Canon Log 3, a staple of Canon’s Cinema EOS system that offers a wider dynamic range and precise highlights for high-contrast scenes and HDR movies.

Also compatible with Cinema Gamut for perfect integration with the professional Cinema EOS System.

Dual Card Slot

A dual card slot supports one SD card and one CFexpress card (Type B)*, which expands your storage capacity and allows for confident 6K RAW video recording and high-speed burst shooting.

Simultaneously record identical MP4 videos to both cards as backup or record RAW video on the CFexpress and 4K MP4 on the SD card at the same time.

*supports up to 2TB size

Connection At Your Fingertips

Get your images and videos to the rest of the world in quick time. With the myriad of connectivity options available on the EOS R3, expect greater convenience and more efficient workflows for casual and professional users alike.

Transfer files wirelessly and quickly from the EOS R3 to your smart device, PC or FTP server using high-speed 5GHz built-in Wi-Fi*.  The EOS R3 supports Wi-Fi Protected Access 3 (WPA3) for added file security on wireless networks.

*Supports 5GHz Wi-Fi-compatible models only. Specifications may vary depending on country and region.

A USB-C port allows for easy file transfer from the EOS R3 to an iOS or Android phone. You can also charge your camera via a portable power bank that supports Power Delivery (PD)! 

It is also possible to connect to a PC using EOS Utility and perform wireless/wired LAN FTP file transfer at the same time.

With a built-in Ethernet port, the EOS R3 supports fast and secure FTP/FTPS/SFTP file transfer via 1000BASE-T authenticated LAN (IEEE 802.1X).  

With a wired LAN connection, professionals can use Browser Remote on a PC with the EOS R3 to perform shooting, playback and downloading of images remotely. FTP caption and IPTC tag editing are also supported for efficient file management during events.

Transfer large volume of files from the EOS R3 to a FTP server via the Mobile File Transfer app on a 5G-enabled smartphone. Using the app, professionals can add and edit voice memos and IPTC metadata to images on the smartphone.

Automatically transfer images and videos in their original quality from your camera to Canon’s cloud storage service image.canon, from which you can then upload to social media, download data to your PC, or forward to third-party cloud storage services and editing apps.

Built For Strength

A camera for the pros, designed by the pros. The EOS R3 carries over many outstanding features from the flagship EOS-1D X series. Designed for hardiness, reliability, and resilience, the EOS R3 is built to withstand the challenges that professionals will face during long hours on the frontlines.

  • Approx. 15% shorter and 30% lighter than EOS-1D X Mark III
  • Durable magnesium alloy body
  • Robust dust- and water-resistance
  • 2x Main Dials
  • 3x Quick Control Dials
  • 2x Smart Controllers
  • Customisable Q button
  • Illuminating menu buttons for operation in the dark
Easy, Comfortable Grip

The EOS R3 features a deep fingerhold design for secure and comfortable grip horizontally and vertically, even for long hours.

Buttons and controllers are well-placed for quick access and effective manoeuvres.

New Electronic Viewfinder

The EOS R3 features a new high-speed electronic viewfinder (EVF) with up to 120 fps refresh rate for faster display response and reduced lag time to keep up with the demands for burst shooting.

The approximately 5.76-million-dot 0.5-inch OLED EVF comes with an OVF simulation feature to recreate a natural view comparable to that of an optical viewfinder, offering high brightness display and wider dynamic range for shooting high-contrast scenes.

 Vari-angle Touchscreen LCD

Need to shoot vertically or from a low or high angle?

The 4.15-million-dot 3.2-inch high-definition articulating touchscreen LCD offers greater flexibility and convenience for more challenging angles. 

Silent, Durable Shutter

For high-speed burst shooting performance, the EOS R3 is equipped with a highly durable shutter capable of shooting up to 500,000 cycles.

Perform silent shooting with minimal disruption even in burst mode thanks to the upgraded silent shutter. The shutter curtain can be left open to eliminate sounds during power up or closed to protect the sensor from dust when powered off.

Long-Lasting Battery

The EOS R3 uses the same long-lasting high-capacity lithium-ion battery as the EOS-1D X series.

Even when outdoors without an electrical point for charging, you can simply plug in a USB PD-compatible portable charger and recharge your camera via the USB port!

New Multi-Function Shoe

Sporting a next-generation interface with dust- and water-resistant design, the brand-new Multi-Function Shoe supports various types of accessories by using power supply from the camera.

You also get higher reliability, higher-speed data communication and expanded functionality with the following accessories:

Speedlite Transmitter ST-E10

Enjoy the convenience and ease of wireless flash photography and a cleaner setup with this radio-enabled and battery-less Speedlite transmitter that can remotely control multiple Speedlite units.


Multi-Function Shoe Adapter AD-E1

Even with a new Multi-Function Shoe, you can continue to use your existing Speedlites with the EOS R3 by attaching this handy shoe adapter.

Speedlites with dust- and drip-resistant design, such as the Speedlite EL-1, 600EX series, 580EX II and more, require this adapter in order to be mounted on the EOS R3 due to their rubber sealing design.

Directional Stereo Microphone

Exclusively designed for the new Multi-Function Shoe, this digital microphone offers low-noise performance, is completely cable-less and requires no battery.

Smartphone Link AD-P1

This smartphone holder allows you to mount an Android smartphone* atop the EOS R3 for easier handling. With a dedicated cable connection, you can perform high-speed image transfer from the camera to your smartphone via the Mobile File Transfer app.


*iOS smartphones are not supported. Depending on the design, certain Android smartphones may not be compatible.

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