EF-M32mm f/1.4 STM

A large aperture standard lens excellent for travel and portraiture

The EF-M32mm f/1.4 STM is Canon’s first large aperture prime lens made for EOS M-series mirrorless cameras. With a focal length of 51mm (full-frame equivalent), it provides natural results due to its angle-of-view that is close to that of human vision. The use of 1 GMo aspherical lens element brings image quality close to that of Canon’s premium L lenses, allowing users to experience the sharp, well-resolved image quality that prime lenses are renowned for over the entire image frame.

  • Filter size: 43mm
  • Max aperture: f/1.4
  • With STM motor


TIPA World Awards 2019


Beautiful, creamy background blurring at maximum aperture f/1.4

Whether you are shooting portraits, food, trinkets and accessories or street photos, the smooth, creamy background blurring (“bokeh”) effect that you get at maximum aperture f/1.4 is ideal for making subjects pop. The 7-blade circular aperture provides beautifully round bokeh circles.

Capture sharp images even in low light scenes

Another benefit of having a large maximum aperture? You can keep your shutter speed fast even in low light conditions, such as at night or indoors. Small and lightweight to match compact EOS M-series bodies, this lens helps you to achieve sharp shots even when shooting by hand.

Get closer, shoot bigger

The EF-M32mm f/1.4 STM lets you shoot from close as 0.23m away and capture subjects at as large as 0.25x life size—enough to make even coffee beans fill the frame. To make your shots pop even more, why not incorporate the beautiful bokeh you get at f/1.4 into your composition?