Canon Group Fully Supports "Earth Hour" with Practical Actions - Canon HongKong

25 Mar 2023

    Canon Group Fully Supports "Earth Hour" with Practical Actions

    The dazzling lights of cities and the glow of various electronic devices have gradually made us forget the original appearance of the Earth and have also placed boundaries between people. The largest global environmental event, "Earth Hour", organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature, encourages everyone to turn off unnecessary lights and appliances from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm on the last Saturday of March each year. It is an opportunity to spend an evening with family and friends away from artificial light sources, reducing energy consumption and easing the global warming crisis.

    As a corporation dedicated to sustainable development, Canon Group actively responds to the appeal and invites its global subsidiaries to support the "Earth Hour" event, demonstrating our commitment to environmental protection and energy conservation. Canon Hong Kong implemented various environmental and energy-saving initiatives in its daily operations in coherence with turning off all non-essential lights and office equipment on March 25. Internally, we encouraged employees from Canon Marketing Asia group to participate in the first-ever “Earth Hour Creativity Contest”, sharing possible ways to protect the Earth through images or artwork. Externally, we shared several environmental posts on our social media platforms to raise public awareness of climate change.

    Going forward, Canon Hong Kong will continue its sustainable efforts and take practical actions to protect the planet and contribute to a better living environment for future generations.

    Canon Hong Kong responds to the appeal of Earth Hour by turning off all non-essential lighting and stand-by mode electrical appliances on the day of the event.

    Promotional messages were posted on the social media platforms of Canon Hong Kong to encourage more people to support this meaningful light off campaign.

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