Battery Grip BG-R10

Battery Grip BG-R10 accommodates up to two LP-E6NH/LP-E6N/LP-E6 battery packs to achieve a longer shooting time, so that a fast-depleting battery won’t prevent you from getting your dream shots. Also designed for easier vertical orientation shooting.

  • Dust and drip resistance design
  • Supports in-camera battery recharging/direct power (via USB Adapter PD-E1)
  • Compatible with EOS R5 and EOS R6

Vertical Shoots

The Battery Grip BG-R10 duplicates the shutter button, Multi-controller, and other dials and buttons, making it easier to adjust shoot settings, control autofocus and release the shutter when holding the camera in a vertical orientation.

A great strain reliever, especially for portrait lovers.



Longer Battery Life

Shooting fast-occurring sports and action? Your remaining battery level affects the actual continuous shooting speed. Make full use of the Battery Grip BG-R10 to prolong high-speed burst shooting at maximum power.

Plug it into USB Power Adapter PD-E1 for in-camera USB recharging on the go*.

*Not supported by LP-E6