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    Tsai King Yan

    Canon Pro Ambassador|Professional Commercial Photographer

    Mr. Tsai King Yan is a well-known and highly respectable Hong Kong commercial photographer. He graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology and Tokyo Institute of Photo in 1970s, and has been running his own studio since he moved back to Hong Kong. He has worked in the commercial photography field for more than 40 years, providing quality service to many international advertising agencies and clients in Hong Kong. Tsai is also one of the founding members of "Hong Kong Institute of Professional Photographer" (HKIPP). Despite his professional status, Tsai is keen to explore new ways to shoot in order to create more imaging possibilities.


    Collaboration between Tsai King Yan and Canon

    Favourite Gears

    Full-frame DSLR Camera

    Full-frame Mirrorless Camera

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    RF Standard Zooom Lens

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    EF Ultra-wide-angle Zoom Lens

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    EF Standard Zoom Lens


    EF Ultra-high Quality Zoom Lens


    EF Telephoto Zoom Lens

    EF Telephoto Zoom Lens

    EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM

    EF Super-telephoto Zoom Lens