Canon Creator Services (CCS) is the Hong Kong’s first all-rounded professional imaging support services exclusive for social content creators including YouTubers, Vloggers and Travel Gurus. If you can meet the eligible requirements for the CCS membership, apply for free NOW to enjoy the professional services and benefits tailor-made for social content creators by Canon.

Apply the Canon Creator Services Membership Now to enjoy a hassle-free professional services provided by Canon.
If you can meet the two requirements below and have already registered as a Club Canon member, you can apply the Canon Creator Services Membership for free NOW, even you are not yet a Canon user:
​​​​​5,000+ Followers
Have at least 5,000 subscribers or followers in YouTube, Instagram or Facebook

10+ Original Videos or 50+ original photos
Published no less than 10 original videos or 50 original photos in the past 12 months

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​​​​​Popular social content creators will be invited from time to time to share their creative insights to inspire our CCS Members.


Need an extra piece of equipment for a special project? CCS members can enjoy up to 50% rental service discount on Canon’s professional equipments and our fully-equipped professional studio.Discount includes EOS System Equipment Rental 20% off, Travel Equipment Rental 50% off and Studio Rental 30% off.


Emergency backup loan of registered photo and video equipments on a short-term basis is available if your equipment is lost, damaged or under repaired, ensuring your shooting plans will not be affected.


A dedicated service hotline is available to CCS members for professional technical supports and solutions. A priority service counter is also available at Canon Customer Care Center to provide prompt services.


An array of tailored shooting workshops and product preview events to keep you up-to-date on the latest trends and technologies.


Special discount on selected Canon professional photo and video products to help you going beyond your limit and pursuing a higher level of imaging creation with the right equipment.


25% off on maintenance and repair service of registered and eligible Canon products.

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#For Hong Kong and Macau residents only.
​​​​​​​*Canon Creator Services Terms and conditions apply.