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    Transiting From Tradition To Digital

    DG3 Asia Case Study 1

    The advent and massive utilization of digital printing has disruptively changed the printing industry. Traditional printing companies are embracing digital transformation to keep abreast of the times. Canon developed advanced digital printing technology from light to high-volume production printers and solutions for diversified needs of business.

    DG3 Asia Limited is one of the largest providers of print and visual communication services in Hong Kong. It was the preferred printing company of the financial sector in the 80s. Its services gradually expanded to omnichannel communications, advisory services and cloud document management, providing end-to-end solutions from design, layout, prepress, processing, lettershop, mailing, etc. Being an industry “Game Changer”, DG3 Asia adopted the concept of “Think Globally, Act Locally” to consider localization during international expansion. With its class leading technologies and competitive advantages, it established operations across the United Kingdom, United States, Straliaia, Philippines and Japan. DG3 Asia is a customer-focused company with keen insights of market dynamics. Faced with the digital transformation trend, the company leveraged the advantage of digital printing to reveal new opportunities.


    The Challenge

    • Difficult to meet the needs of print-on-demand
    • Unable to provide personalized printing services
    • Require for standardization

    The Solution

    • Canon varioPRINT iX-series Commercial Printing Systems

    The Results

    • Automated print workflow
    • Variable Data Printing (VDP)
    • Consistent and high-quality printing
    DG3 Asia Case Study 2

    The needs of being niche, diversified and personalized emerged in the market. However, traditional offset printing requires high cost for low-volume print jobs, which make it difficult to fulfill current market trends. Contrarily, digital printing has a faster turnaround time, reduced minimum quantities, and capable of Variable Data Printing (VDP). Customers can re-print anytime when needed, significantly lowered storage costs and unnecessary wastes.

    Canon’s commercial production printer - varioPRINT iX series – is considered to be productive, high-quality and flexible all rolled into one. In color and quality perspectives, the series is on par with offset printing. Adopting varioPRINT iX series helped DG3 Asia to bridge the gap between traditional and digital and complement each other. Traditional printing can be used to complete large volume projects, whereas digital printing helps produce printout with personalized and targeted content. Such innovative business model has generated new leads and explored new markets for DG3 Asia.

    DG3 Asia Case Study 3

    With a team that acquired knowledge and expertise meeting the global standards, DG3 Asia can further develop its international market and process orders from overseas customers. Among different branches located around the world, DG3 has built localized strategies and obtained industry-recognized certification locally. This enables the company to deliver output of nearly identical quality across all branches, fulfilling the diversified expectation of multinational companies and orders covering multiple locations. Hence, DG3 can achieve simultaneous publication around the globe with standardized and high-quality printout.

    Apart from having high productivity and color quality, consistency and stability are another important factors of evaluating appropriateness of printing equipment.

    Canon varioPRINT iX series employs advanced color management and image processing technology. It is capable of printing more than 9,000 SRA3 images per hour, supports offset coated and uncoated media up to 350 gsm with consistently high quality. More importantly, the series received international certificate to ensure it is able to meet the most exacting color management standards and achieve high color consistency for multinational client’s works. The series can automate end-to-end workflow with 8 hours plan-ahead production, offering an even faster turnaround time than ever. Besides, the flexibility of digital printing allows DG3 Asia to make print-on-demand (POD) and personalization possible. Their customers can design marketing collaterals with targeted content based on preference and interest of the audience, implementing a personalized marketing strategy to build customer loyalty.

    DG3 Asia Case Study 4

    Considering all the interactions across the customer journey is one key attribute of building trustworthy customer relationships. Print materials are just part of the physical touchpoints, whilst using print marketing solely can no longer satisfy the changing needs of customers. Instead, omni-channel approach can improve customer experience by streamlining all interactions across multiple touchpoints in a unified way. To achieve this, appropriate tools are needed to identify customer needs and create a good impression.

    Plenty of CCM and CXM solutions have been developed on the market. The rise of digitalization in business encouraged technological adoption in customer experience management. DG3 Asia provides all-round solutions that automates data process for enhanced efficiency and accuracy. Alongside with VDP technology, the company enables their customers to deliver output of targeted designs, creating cohesive and value-added customer experience.

    DG3 Asia offers diversified printing services to customers among different countries, who deserves its name –Diversified Global Graphics Group – with their ultimate goals to achieve business innovation and sustainability.