Canon x McDull Inter-school Ink Cartridge Recycling Competition 2020-2021

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Once your application has been confirmed, we will arrange delivery of ink cartridge recycle box to your school.

Rules & Regulations

1. Students, faculties and staff can bring along any brand of empty ink cartridges to school for recycling.
2. To facilitate the counting process, please mark your name and class according to teacher’s instructions on the record sheet, please email the record to
3. The "Special Edition of Canon x McDull Luggage Tag" will be rewarded to all participants who collect every 3 empty ink cartridges. (Subject to availability)


October - December 2020 School registration
November 2020to July 2021 Exclusive activities -1) Environmental Seminar & 2) Education Sales Offer
May 2021 Ink cartridge collection from schools and counting by authorized recycling company
June 2021 Results announcement, souvenirs delivery to schools & award presentation ceremony

Location of Ink Recycle Box

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