01 Dec 2018

    “Canon Volunteer Day 2018: Shorelines Clean up at Junk Bay “advocate to reduce waste at source​​​​​​​​

    ​53 CHK volunteers participated the cleanup service and collected over 80 bags of litters.


    Action for Green is always one of the key focus of the Canon Hongkong’s Corporate Social Responsibility.  The company’s corporate volunteer team together with the Green Earth, joined hands to carry out the "Canon Volunteer Day 2018: Shorelines Clean up at Junk Bay " on 1st December to save and protect coastal environment of Hong Kong.

    A team of 53 CHK volunteers with their families and friends participated in six-hour services.  The team was assigned to collect rubbish at Shek O Junk Bay, one of the Marine Refuse Priority Sites suggested by Environmental Protection Department. A total of more than 300 plastic bottles, 80 bags and 480kg litters were picked, which included food packaging, discarded wood and even large furniture, especially the large amount of discarded styrofoam. Most of the styrofoam is turned into tiny pieces and mixed with sand which hindered the clean up action. Meanwhile, tiny pieces of styrofoam are blew by wind to everywhere of the island which threatening the growth of plants around. Besides, these tiny styrofoam also endanger lifes in the ocean. The health status of many Marine Life or Seabirds may be affected by eating litters, further threatening the food chain. According to the estimation from UN Environment, by 2050, the total weight of litters in the ocean will exceed the sum of the weight of all fish. The ocean will ultimately become a waste disposal site. We must understand the harmful effects of litters on nature and take proper action accordingly.
    The whole service raised awareness on reducing waste at source by reducing or even avoiding the usage of disposable items such as polystyrene food containers, disposable utensils and plastic bottles in our daily life. Through the cleanup day, the team also facilitated the Green Earth to conduct survey on Brands of Waste PET Beverage Containers in order to encourage the Manufacturers to be responsible to reduce waste at source. Following the instructions by the Green Earth professional representatives, volunteers helped categorize the plastic bottles according to brands and languages (traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, English & others), take photos for record and mark the numbers of the categorized plastic bottles. The Green Earth will use the survey result to trigger public awareness and driving force in waste reduction and recycling.
    CHK Corporate Volunteer Team was officially established in 2015, cohering to the Canon’s corporate philosophy “Kyosei” and dedicating its unrelenting efforts in Corporate Social Responsibility to contribute better community. Aside from charity donations and sponsorships, CHK is even more eager to empower the society by getting in real touch with the needy. Encouraging CHK employees to put love and care into actions to reciprocating the society. Meanwhile, the team share care and happiness to the public by making better use of the brand’s imaging expertise.